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What Is In Your PR Toolkit? Is It Time For A Flip Camera?

I caught this blog post on the Cisco blog yesterday before leaving for a restaurant opening in downtown Toronto which prompted me to bring along my newly acquired Flip Camera.  In case you don’t know Cisco recently acquired the company for $590 million.  The author of the post John Earnhardt outlines some pretty good reasons why a Flip Camera should be added to a PR professionals’ toolkit. Some of John’s reasons include:

  • Phenomenally good for media training.
  • Great for social media releases, blogs and even bubbletweet.
  • The media is using the Flip
  • CAUTION: The Flip is MADE for Viral Video
  • It teaches you to think VISUALLY
  • It is the BEST note taker in the world.

Any thoughts on what else should be in a PR toolkit?

John Earnhardt


Thanks for the post. One issue that some people have raised on this post is that now phones (blackberry, iphone, etc.) have video that can be used for “good enough” video. I think that phones ARE indeed “good enough” video, but a purpose-built compact video cam (yes, like our Flip – http://www.theflip.com) is a much better quality and experience for viewers. If it is for your personal, show-a-friend use: phone is fine. If it is for professional, best-foot-forward use, then Flip is way to go. No bias here, of course. : )



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