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Aston Kutcher Tops 3 Million Followers On Twitter, Have We Become Twitter Obsessed?

I just read that Aston Kutcher has topped 3 million followers on Twitter – who cares? I recall hearing all the chatter about is challenge vs CNN months ago and apparently his ego won, I mean he won. It was a big deal to some back then and helped to take Twitter’s brand from something only the “cool kids” had heard of to main stream. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention the moment when Opera joined the service, that also gave it a 40% bump in people who signed up for the service.

As I mentioned yesterday on Profectio a big trend that I’ve noticed is people setting up and managing multiple Twitter accounts, I have a few (@daveforde,@princanada@torontotechweek@cleantechcorner). While the Aston Kutcher’s of the world go for mass appeal, I’m also interested in the quality. I also like the fact that there is a community being built around my usage of Twitter. I organized the first corporate blogging event in Canada back in 2004 when I invited Shel Israel who at the time had just released his first book “Naked Conversations” to Toronto back when blogging was “new” (wow, talk about nostalgia). I had asked him “Is it more important to have quantity of quality of people reading your blog?” His answer was simple but powerful, he compared someone with 1 million readers vs. having the President of the US and President of Pakistan. While 1 million is a great number and it looks impressive, the impact on being able to get your communications message directly into the hands of a World leader is much more impactful.

demi_mooreI don’t know about you but there are certain things in life that will be a distraction, and for the life of me I just can not understand how you’d rather spend time worrying about a bunch of people you will NEVER COMMUNITATE with then Demi Moore. He has over 3 million follower and only 187 that he’s following.  Isn’t part of the big opportunity with Twitter that you can communiate your message faster and directly or am I missing one of its benefits?

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