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Pizza Nova Gets Saucy With New Campaign

PIZZA NOVA - Pizza for BreakfastHumour works and sex sells, all methods that as communications professionals we look to use when launch a new campaign.  For Pizza Nova’s latest “Nuthin’ But Nova” campaign which leverages outdoor, radio, print and apparel.  As part of the campaign, “confessions” (text-only messages from consumers) such as “My zucchini’s better than your zucchini”, “I love it in the morning” and “I want onions…but only if you want onions” were sent to Pizza Nova and used as part of the campaign.

“The economic climate that is upon us has brought everyone’s lowest ticket item to the forefront,” says Director of Marketing, Stephanie Angelone “…and it’s refreshing to feature communication that is devoid of a price tag.”

The Nuthin’ campaign was launched last week but Nova billboard, transit, print and radio campaign began last week and features a rotation of various messages.  Street crews or Pizza Nova Taste Patrol also hit to the streets offering sample slices at busy intersections across the province, sporting and distributing the Nuthin’ But Nova T-shirts from their branded vehicle.

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