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Do you want a crash course on Twitter?

A few months ago we hosted our “The Bold and The Blogging” breakfast event and the turn out was great. Social networks such as Twitter are no longer just for fun. Businesses around the world have integrated the FREE service (as of today) into their businesses and are reaping the benefits of increased profits, stronger customer engagement and stronger brands.

How To Use Twitter For Business?

If this is a burning question on your mind than you need to attend the upcoming session that we’re hosting on September 16, “Twitter 101 For Business“. I will be conducting this morning seminar which will get you up to speed on the basics of Twitter.  The session will be packed with tons of information to get you started and I’ll also share some examples of companies we’ve covered on PR In Canada and Profectio that are using Twitter and what is working for them.  To register click here.

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