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Is It Me Or Is The Social Media Monitoring Industry Heating Up?

I think it is fair to say we’re past the point where social media is “new” to anyone one the planet, when Oprah gets on to Twitter and give it the “O Bump” resulting in a 40% increase in users you’ve hit a crucial level in business.  Personally I think that the celebrities will be the death of Twitter. One trend that I’m starting to see is the growth of companies offering social media monitoring services.  So far in Canada I’ve come across Radian 6, MediaMiser, Sysomos, Cision.  I have not heard of any  Western Canada-based companies offering social media services.  There are a long list of companies in the United States offering these type of services, one that’s contacted me recently is Infegy.

Of course one question that I’ve been asked a few times, which social media service is good?  Would you be interested in this type of research, if so let me know and we’ll dedicate some resources to it. I’m sure all the social media monitoring service are listening in, so feel free to contact me to be included on the list.

Kelly Rusk

FYI-Although MediaMiser’s head office is in Ottawa, we do have an office with staff in Vancouver and many clients in Alberta and BC.


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