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Niche Outplacement Agency Opens in Toronto

With the current market conditions what they are it has forced a lot of people and companies to re-evaluate their position, but a a few such as Toronto-based Cramer Company International have decided to look at these times as an opportunity for growth.  The company has launched a new subsidiary designed specifically for communications, marketing and advertising professionals who have been laid off or who want to advance their careers called Nuboss Inc.

“In today’s tough economic climate, it’s harder than ever to find a new job or advance your career. But, to be successful, you need a plan,” says Nuboss founder, Roxanne Cramer, who has provided niche placement services to the communications world for the past 15 years. “Too often people face unemployment without a plan, or the basic skills needed to land on their feet.”

The company places to offer three programs aimed at career development for the creative industry including outplacement, career planning and educational services.

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