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Should My Company Launch A Blog?

No! – If you have to ask someone than you already have your answer.

I just went through my RSS reader while waiting between meetings and have managed to unsubscribe from over 20 feeds due to them not being update and maintained; or to be a bit more blunt just random ramblings that had nothing to do with the core of what the company’s business was about.

I’ve sharing my thoughts on social media with companies for quite some time and and the best advice I think I could give to a company that is looking to launch a corporate blog is don’t do it.  If you have never had a company newsletter, than why you think you will be success with a blog (which is still a form of consistent communication).  We’ve been fortunate to gain the wisdom of some talented folks who consistently share their wisdom with you as they contribute here on PR In Canada and Profectio.


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