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Poll: Will Video Press Releases Become The Next Wave In 2009?

David Jones has an interesting post on his blog with a video from the “Molson in the Community” blog and their announcement about becoming the official beer supplier to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and paralympic Games. It is a nice and simple video and gives a bit of a behind the scenes look at some of the Molson team including some comments from President and CEO, Kevin Boyce and Ferg Devins, VP, Government and Public Affairs.  I’m sure this is not the first time time video was used to support a company announcement, but as we turn a new page and start 2009 it does make me wonder whether we’ll start seeing more video press releases in 2009? Video has become extremely cheap to create and produce with video camera’s as low as a few hundred dollars, hosting the video is free with sites such as YouTube.  Many public relations professionals have already started to dabble with the tool on a personal level so the transition to the office would not be that difficult.

Feel free to drop by and take the reader’s poll, we’ll publish the full results next week.


The Facebook Developer news blog’s most recent post has a hovering video attached – somewhat similar:

Video news releases … something people will actually “read”? Makes sense to use whatever format will get your message consumed by the most people in your target.

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