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Celebrity Endorsement Might Be The Best Bang For Your PR Dollar

The celebrity endorsement game has certainly changed.

It’s not enough anymore to slap the latest movie star’s photo on a bottle of perfume and call it a product pitch.  Now, most celebrities collaborate heavily (or at least claim to) on whatever product or brand they’re shilling.

Which means a celebrity endorsement might just be the best value for your communications dollar.

And why not?  It’s communications, plus marketing and advertising, all rolled into one beautiful and shiny package.   And if you can create extra cachet by offering it through an exclusive channel, then even better.

The latest example of this is Kate Hudson, who collaborated with hairstylist to the stars David Babaii on a line of natural hair products to be sold exclusively through The Shopping Channel.

Their line, David Babaii For Wildaid, is a line of ecofriendly, cruelty-free hair products, with proceeds going to benefit Wildaid, a multinational wildlife protection group.    The involvement by Hudson-whose much-envied locks and bohemian style gained her admirers around the world-is essentially the line’s entire communications strategy.

The story carries a whiff of controversy, too: Hudson faces a lawsuit from another cosmetics laboratory,  who have accused her of reneging on a deal to have them produce the line.

Hey, if there’s no such thing as bad publicity in showbiz, this can only help raise the haircare line’s profile.

Can you imagine the amount time and effort an entire agency would have to devote to even come close to developing that kind of message?

With so many stars now determined to dabble in perfume lines, clothing lines, and all things fabulous,  it makes sense  to seek out celebrity collaboration on a brand.

It creates terrific opportunities for the brand-and for partnerships with other brands, like The Shopping Channel, that may be beneficial to future communications plans.

It may cost more up front, but ultimately,  will save time and money if done right-something crucial in our brave new economy.


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