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United Church On YouTube: URL Come, All Ye Faithful

BuzzCanuck’s Sean Moffitt had a great post two weeks ago how churches and religions could do more to open the lines of communication between themselves and the faithful.

Apparently, the United Church of Canada thought so too-they’ve launched their own YouTube channel.

It has 20 videos posted so far,  most of which are focused on the charitable  and volunteer efforts of  church members across the country.   Certainly, it breaks down the traditional church image of going to a service and being talked at for an hour and a half.

The videos have more of an internal focus than an external one-preaching to the choir, so to speak-though there is a suite of videos from the Church’s Moderator, David Giuliano.

I’d still like to see one of Canada’s religious groups launch their own social networking site-as Buzz Canuck suggested-but it’s refreshing to see that the United Church gets that effective messages are best transmitted through two-way communication over the web.

Curious?  Check it out at .  The site officially launches Oct. 30.

Christie Adams

Thanks for the update, Aaron-I’ll be sure to check it out. I’m glad to see that the United Church leading the social media charge when many other organizations-religious and secular-are reluctant to use them.

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