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Call It PR Across Canada: Whistler-Blackcomb's Tour

Whistler-Blackcomb is going to epic lengths to promote its new “Peak 2 Peak” gondola.

Canada’s world famous ski resort is taking one of the gondola sky cabins on a cross-country tour to drum up awareness of the massive, 4 KM long gondola that connects the two peaks of Whistler-Blackcomb.

Well, not exactly cross-country, since the tour begins in Toronto and bypasses the east altogether (and I wonder why people like to hate Toronto so much), but along the way, the sky cabin will make stops some well-known Canadian landmarks, like the CN Tower, The Forks in Winnipeg, and the Olympic Park in Calgary (are they trying to brag?).

The tour itself isn’t that breathtaking to look at-a gondola is a gondola-so it looks like Whistler-Blackcomb owners Intrawest have placed their focus on the Peak 2 Peak Tour’s team. Their “adventures and mishaps” will all be filmed and daily updates will be posted online. Clearly the hope is Canada will fall in love with the lively crew as they take a dream tour across the country.

Intrawest wisely integrated social media tactics into their plan. The public can follow the team’s progress on the tour’s blog, which in turn gets really meta, and urges people to follow the tour on Twitter.

The campaign will succeed if the public truly gets into the progress of the tour. If the video footage is compelling enough, it might be a roaring success.

No word on when the tour is supposed to finish, though the Peak 2 Peak Gondola has is grand opening on December 12.


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