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CTV Hopes Simple Plan Ensures Hockey Theme's Supremacy

Looks like the CBC and CTV are taking the gloves off in the battle for Canada’s #1 hockey theme song.

Just two days before the CBC announces the winner of its Hockey Night In Canada Anthem Challenge, CTV has announced that Canadian rockers Simple Plan are releasing their version of “The Hockey Theme”, as CTV-owned TSN is now calling it.

The Simple Plan version will air right before next Wednesday’s Boston-Montreal game on TSN. And apparently, the hockey-loving band’s version is just the first in a series that will be performed by Canadian artists. Lets’ hope that doesn’t include Celine Dion.

Crafty maneuver by CTV. It steals the thunder away from CBC’s contest by reinforcing The Hockey Theme’s position in the Canadian psyche. Sure, their contest received thousands of entries, but are the country’s best music artists clamouring to record their own version?

The Simple Plan version will air five days after the CBC unveils its new theme. That will allow time for the chatter around the new Hockey Night In Canada anthem to die down-and create enough buzz and chatter for TSN’s next Saturday night broadcast of the The Hockey Theme.

We’ll see which anthem the country is buzzing about then.