Local Daily, International Photo Exposure

Take note if you’re a photographer-or if one of your clients is.

Metro News is holding its second Metro Global Photo Challenge. Most papers have a photo contest of some sort, true. What sets this contest ahead of others, though, is every local Metro has a place on the international chain of Metro papers. That means the winning photo won’t just be published locally, it will be published around the world.

Talk about exposure. Metro is often dismissed in favour of the more substantial dailies, but as a promotional tool, it can’t be dismissed.

Sure, most of the content comes from Metro’s “parent” papers (in Toronto’s case, the Star) but paper also has exclusive features that can give clients and campaigns greater exposure than in the dailies.

The photo contest is a great example. It’s open to photographers of all levels. Local winners will have their work displayed at the CN Tower before being sent to Paris for the finals-and a chance to have their work printed in 23 countries.

Something to think about for your next media list.

The deadline for Metro’s photo contest, by the way, is November 7. Full details are on the website.