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Getting Canada To Give

Imagine Canada wants to give Thanksgiving a whole new meaning.

Now, with the holiday not far off, the charity support agency hopes to drive traffic to through its new Thanks& Giving campaign.

Thanks & Giving encourages Canadians to donate their money or time to a charity of their choice during the Thanksgiving holiday each year. The campaign, with support from Investors Group and Macleans magazine, will direct people to the Canada Helps website, which links to hundreds of Canadian charities across the country.

This campaign has a chance of being a success because it makes things easy. People want to be charitable but they’re often overwhelmed by the choices around them. Thanks & Giving not only leads them to a dedicated donations portal, it also gives them a dedicated time of year to donate.

The campaign could be making better use of social networks, though-beyond a Facebook page, there’s not much going on. But they do have a 20-page supplement in Macleans out today, which will hit an older demographic (and one that probably has more to give).

And wouldn’t be nicer to rebrand Thanksgiving as something other than a day of eating too much food and squabbling with your irritating cousins?