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Extreme Helps Sony Style Gain a Wonder-ful Reputation

Sony Style is rebranding itself: It doesn’t just want us to choose new electronics in its stores, it wants us to “Experience The Wonder”.

So it’s chosen Extreme Group’s Toronto office to make that all happen. The advertising agency will develop Sony Style’s “Experience The Wonder” campaign.

The official campaign launch last Friday may be an indicator of what’s in store for the campaign. Sony hosted events in major cities across the country that featured the “Wonder Walkers”: stilt performers who entertained the crowd in places like Vancouver’s Granville Square.

So they’re not just trying to convey that Sony Style carries technological marvels, they want the public to feel like they’re having a fanciful and magical experience in the store.

I’m not sure if the shoe fits. When people think of home electronics, they think of precision and innovation. Flights of fancy and capriciousness don’t come to mind.

Yes, I realize the point of the campaign is to change all that, and the ads are charming and funny. Still, it’s going to take a lot to have customers walk into Sony Style and feel as amazed as if they had walked into Willy Wonka’s Factory.

Extreme is an award winner for a reason, though. Ask me in two months if I want to go to Sony Style, and if my eyes light up like a kid at Wonderland (there’s that word again….maybe they’re onto something), I’ll eat crow. Just as long as it’s magic crow.


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