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Koodo's Next Move? Turning the Public Into A Star

Well, Koodos gone and and ruined my Hallowe’en costume for sure this time.

Full disclosure: I’m one of those geeks who has a Hallowe’en costume in mind at least seven months in advance. So last winter, I declared my intentions to dress as an 80s aerobics instructor. Then along came Koodo with its roster of perky, deliberately vapid 80s-inspired fitness fanatics. I was mad that my idea had been taken, though I grudgingly admitted the campaign was effective.

Very effective, apparently. The upstart mobile phone company is asking the public to don their most totally awesome spandex and legwarmers, and send them a photo for a chance to be the newest face of Koodo.

Here’s why the Koodo campaign is a success: they’ve hitched their star to a time they’re both selling and ridiculing at once. Their creative team recognized that the 80s are now old enough to be new again, particularly to those who weren’t around to see it the first time. That just happens to be Koodo’s target market. And, despite the 80s mockery, the campaign makes you want to be a part of it, and by association, Koodo,

The Koodo contest not only gives a chance for its fans to take part in living the 80s lifestyle, it gives the company subtle bragging rights. Who wouldn’t want to brag that their PR campaign is such a smash that the public actually wants to take part in it?

Particularly since now, when I wear my costume this October 31st, instead of being called an aerobics instructor, I’ll be called a Koodo Girl. Sigh. Oh well.