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Is Canada's Technology Industry Hitting A Tipping Point?

If you’ve been reading some of the news on PR In Canada lately you would have noticed a number of firms across the country have been actively expanding their expanding their technology focused client roster such as here and here just to name a few. Personally I’ve been busy working on Toronto Tech Week which takes place in September so have noticed a different in attitudes and spending, but what is your take?

Is there something that PR firms are doing different to win the new business? Has there been a drastic change in the market place?

Andrew Berthoff

Good question, Dave. Thankfully for the PR industry, new technology needs to be explained and experienced to be appreciated and understood. It’s difficult and certainly much more expensive to do that through advertising, and suited perfectly to various forms of PR. There have been a few national and continental economic downturns over our 14 years, but we have found that the smart tech companies know the importance and value of effective and intelligent PR.

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