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Frigidaire Gets Feerless For The Summer

FrigidaireWith the help from their agency of record scratch, Frigidaire has launched a new advertising campaign in time for the summer sales to help bring some life to a traditional marketplace while connecting consumers to product line and educate Canadians about the benefits offered by Frigidaire appliances.

“We wanted to change our traditional approach to communicating to our target market,” said Tom Coulman, Director, Product and Brand Development for Frigidaire. “We challenged scratch to develop a campaign that not only highlighted the power and efficiency of our laundry offering, but clearly demonstrated that this is the right products for our consumer.”

FrigidaireSeveral pieces were created in both English and French, one featuring a woman lounging during a dinner party with glass of wine in hand. She is dressed in white and looks to be casually spilling wine on herself (shown below). The personality driven one-word headline, “Fearless” serves two purposes. First, it demonstrates that she has no fear of staining her pants, and secondly implies that the associated Frigidaire washing machine is fearless in tackling the stain.

The campaign also has other executions for Frigidaire’s top selling products, which will be rolled out later this summer. The campaign can be seen first in print publications, such as: Canadian Living, Coup de Pouce, Style at Home, Décormag, Decoration Chez Soi, and Les Idée’s de Ma Maison.

The new campaign also heads outdoors with the launch of Fearless (N’ayez Crainte in French) which will be executed throughout the summer with billboard placement in major cities across Canada.

Shirley Leeson

I have been one of the unfortunate people who purchased one of Frigidaire’s ceramic top, two oven stoves. I have reaped the benefit of a recall on this stove due to the fact that one of the hotplates manages to turn itself on by itself. The recall venture has been laughable and the people involved in the “Customer Service” end, both Frigidaire and their recall representative, Trans Global, have been rather rude and certainly unhelpful. I’ve been informed that I will be advised within 48 hours of today (which makes it Sunday since this is Friday) as to when I might expect the required visit. A service man came here a week ago and said he’d be back today. Mind you, this is the second time I’ve had a problem. The first one was back on October 1 when the serviceman merely put a piece of tape across something at the back, hoping that would solve the problem.

My words are probably falling on deaf ears and if somebody out there knows how I can get to deal with reasonable people, I’d like to know. My words of advice to anyone planning on purchasing anything from Frigidaire in the future would be – don’t do it, they don’t stand behind their product and they employ rude people.

Since my stove is switched off at the main and I can’t use my it – I’m very dissatisified. But I can’t get past the rude Customer Service “Supervisor” – or so he said.


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