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KitchenAid Canada Gets Cooking With The Food Network

KitchenAid Canada today announced its second year partnering with The Food Network to share personal cooking moments of some of the country’s most popular celebrity chefs.   Two chefs, Anna Olson and Michael Potters will appear separately in a series of vignettes that illustrate the emotional connection they each experience when they are in the kitchen.

“The KitchenAid brand consumer is passionate about cooking and savvy about who they look to for advice and techniques,” says Valerie Malone, brand manager for KitchenAid Canada “We recognize The Food Network as an influential source for our target consumer. By providing viewers with personal insights from their favourite chefs, we are giving them access to a unique experience with these culinary influencers – something no other appliance brand is doing.”

The series will be filmed at the Great Cooks on Eight and will feature these leading chefs who promise to bring out their lively personalities and engage audiences.

Kristen Christie

My husband bought me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for Christmas this year. When he plugged it in on Christmas Day it blew up, shocked him and my 2 1/2 year old daughter was sitting beside it. Now KA says that they will replace it but not give me different model. Who would want the same model that blew up on Christmas? …Now I have to wait 72 hours for another KA manager to call me back as the first one said she can't transfer me.

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