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Veritas Communications Helps Launch Staplesville

StablesvilleMore and more corporations as seeing the power that social media can bring to a brand, it isn’t a one size fits all, but a few brands have been able to make social media work for them. STAPLES Business Depot turned to Veritas Communications to help in developing Staplesville where an integrated public relations and social media campagn was created leveraging Facebook, YouTube, blogs and media relations.

Alan Ward, Vice President, Human Resources adds “One thing we realized early on in this process is that every other retail recruiting site looks pretty much the same. There are pictures of employees with phony grins but not much interesting content, Staplesville.ca is completely different from anything that’s come before. There is so much to explore and interact with. What other company provides an online fortune teller to help job seekers identify the position they are best suited for?”

The new site was created to help jobseekers with tips on the retail job market where visitors can choose from over 20 customized personas or avatars similar to that of Second Life type as they an travel interactively to different locations, one of which is Perks Café, where a virtual barista will brief them on the benefits of working at STAPLES Business Depot.


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