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We Are Canadian, We Can Be Trusted

Although we are often the brunt of the joke, “Eh”, Canadians scored big in the 9th Annual Edelman Trust Barometer, part of the results showed that trust in Canadian businesses has risen by 10% over last year. Trust in Canadian governments is at 39% and trust in media rose to 48% from 34% last year. David Fleet was able to attend the event and did an amazing recap on his blog,

Click here to download the 9th Edelman Trust Barometer report for 2008.

Word of Mouth Marketing

No surprise that Word of Mouth is still the most source that 83% of respondents trust the most.

Top Edelman Trust Barometer Finding Over The Years

  • 2001 – Rising influence of NGOs and increased need for corporate social responsibility linked to business goals
  • 2002 – NGOs approach partity in credibility with business and government; era of celebrity CEO is over as trust in business wanes
  • 2003 – Stories in business and government stronger; U.S. companies in Europe suffer trust discount
  • 2005 – Trust in established institutions and figures of authority shifting of authority shifting to peers
  • 2006 – “A person like me” most credible spokesperson for companies; trust in employees significantly higher than in CEOs
  • 2007 – Young opinion elites show higher levels of trust in business than older elites; rely on multiple sources of information to form opinions about companies

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