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Centennial College Offers Sports Journalism Program

From Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky to Muhammad Ali, we’ve all been entertained and spent many hours watching these athletes as they compete in their respective sports. Trying to capture on this fast paced world Centennial College has announced they are launching a sports journalism program. Students will be immersed in all forms of sports media including print, broadcast, online and multimedia reporting in one intensive year.

“Journalism programs in Canada have ignored sports to a large degree,” says Malcolm Kelly, coordinator of the program and a well-known sports reporter and author. “Sports reporting goes beyond the box scores to convey the context, the culture and the history of the athletes and their accomplishments.”

As part of program students will have the opportunity to gain essential skills and knowledge, including interviewing, beat reporting, sports history and culture, the business of sports, statistics and sports imaging, plus will gain the ability to meet the multi-platform demands put on young reporters today. Students will learn in a diverse, gender-inclusive environment surrounded by others as dedicated to sports journalism as they are. The curriculum has been put together with the help of sports journalists and
personalities such as Scott Russell, Karen Sebesta, Dick Howard, Gerry Dobson, Scott Morrison.


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