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Are All Newswire Services Created Equal?

One of our readers and I were chatting via Twitter (you’ve got to love all these social media tools) and posed an interesting question, “Are all newswire services created equal?”

My experience with newswire services is limited and I’m sure we all know the larger players here in Canada being Canada Newswire and Marketwire, but doing a quick Google search will uncover at least fifty others. One of the biggest differences is the distribution, whether you want your press release to local media outlets or Internationally. Another difference seems to be on a do it yourself type service versus a managed service.

I’m sure there are other readers who might have the same questions so that this would be a great project to get the input on from the PR In Canada readers. Feel free to leave a comment (or send an email) with any thoughts, opinions or other sources that would help to answer the difference between newswire services. Depending on the information that is shared we might even turn this into a reference document that can be downloaded for all to use.


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