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Certified General Accountants Sponsor Free Webcast of Economic Update 2008

Worldwide, the 2008 year has already witnessed great turmoil in credit, commodity and currency markets, which definitely bodes to the likelihood of downside risks to North American economies in the months ahead. Derek Holt’s up-to-the-minute session will detail the current and expected global and national economic and financial market conditions, with a particular emphasis on the challenges facing Ontario and Canada’s economies. Anticipated topics include:

– an outlook on interest rates
– currency valuations and where the (Canadian) dollar is heading
– entertaining the ‘R’ word,” in both the US and Canada, and what impact a recession—either for our neighbour or homegrown—will have on areas such as consumer confidence, the housing market and the manufacturing sector
If your company is a multinational, or if you have American clients and/or customers, even a USA-only recession is likely to have an impact on your business this year. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear a detailed trade and industry forecast from one of Canada’s top economists (rather than just a few sound bites via a media outlet). Then start figuring out the tactics you will need to adjust in an economic downturn, or (in the event of a Canadian recession) whether you need to be overhauling your organization’s longer-term strategic plan, including strategic communication and public relations efforts.

Register in advance, then tune in audio-live (at 8:30 a.m. EST) on Thursday, February 21st to hear Derek Holt’s The Canadian Economy in 2008 keynote. Alternatively, access the archived Economic Update 2008 webcast for up to one year.

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