PR In Canada Says Bye Bye Top 30 Under Awards Program

2015 Top 30 Under 30.52.47_newPR In Canada’ Top 30 Under 30 – For the last three years we hosted the annual awards program which recognized top talent from across Canada who are working in the public relations industry.  The awards program had a good run giving profile to individuals on both and client side.  As we continue to evolve things at it is also time to evolve our awards programs, with that we now say good bye to the Top 30 Under 30.

So what next? Let’s take things up a notch….

PR In Canada Rolls Out Top 40 Under 40

As we close one chapter, we are now going to open a new one with the introduction of our  . Many readers have already expressed their excitement as they get another opportunity to be recognized with this select group of talented individuals

  • Gain recognition among your peers
  • Pad your resume with another accomplishment
  • Raise your profile in the industry

The nominations process will be similar, of course the age limit has changed, and we will also add a few tweaks to the voting criteria that our judges use. As many of you know it does take a bit of time to put together and execute an awards programs, so if anyone is interested in rolling up their sleeves and getting involved – let’s talk.

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