Why Proximity Is A Virtue #digital12

As part of our coverage from Digital Day 2012, we had a chance to attend a keynote presentation by Faris Yakob entitled “Why Proximity Is a Virtue.”  Faris is the chief innovation officer at (Veritas is party of the family of companies).

“You are here” – based on knowing where you are we can places ads around you – this is the basic premis of how consumer’s location is tied into advertising.

Companies such as Google and Foursquare realized years ago is that location when being broadcast is media. So much of what we do, or all of it is media;  LBM – location based media.

Digital Day 2012 Photos

“Our job is to move large groups of people towards a product or solution”

Our focus should on emerging cultural practices, not emerging technology

Content is everywhere, hence the rise of content curation platforms

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